So 2013 was a crazy year.

Last January, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime was admittedly a side project, something small that we were planning to tie off quickly, since the three of us were all busy with our paying jobs. And then IGF happened, and then PAX 10 happened, and it was an amazing experience to see real live strangers playing our game and responding to it. Throughout the year, the more effort we put into the game, the more we seemed to get out of it.

It was in the spring, after IGF, that we started thinking that maybe somehow Lovers could one day grow up and be a real game, so we dove back into design work and came up with a more robust spec. As well, we went through all the super fun legal processes to make Asteroid Base into a real company, while still keeping up our other contract gigs.

For a while, this part-time development style worked great, because it allowed us to ease into the whole indie game studio thing. But needless to say, working part-time and rejigging the scope has ended up making the dev process take longer than we originally planned—-sorry about that!

So finally, to ring in the new year, we’re pleased to announce that going forward, we’re going to be focusing 100% of our time on Lovers. All we can say is that we think the wait will be worth it when it’s finally done!