GDC 2014 was yet another amazing experience for us here at Asteroid Base. Going in, we didn’t think we could top our stint in the IGF and at Unity’s booth last year, but after five days at the Indie MEGABOOTH and a day in the OMDC GDC Play booth, talking to hundreds of developers, our minds were pretty blown.


Photo by Zach Aikman

From the Monday to Friday of GDC, we exhibited at the Indie MEGABOOTH alongside some super sweet games like Rex Rocket, which Adam tried to unsuccessfully coin as a “Megamantroidvania” game (there is just something unseemly about the word “Mantroid”). We also met the  folks behind the adorable 4-player SlashDash, which you could always find by following the screams of joy.


SlashDash by Nevernaut games

And then at the IGF Awards ceremony, we got to see Kert Gartner kick everything off with an awesome indie game montage. Can you name everyone here?

The ultimate highlight was when we were surprised with these amazing plushy Lovers created by Christina Pham. The gesture left us speechless and soon Adam was caught snuggling with them.


Thanks to Kelly Wallick and Christopher Floyd and the GDC Volunteers for the Indie MEGABOOTH experience, and thanks to Kim Gibson and the OMDC for travel assistance and the booth space at GDC Play. As well as thanks to all of our peers that we talked to, it was amazing to hear how many have read our devlogs.

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