Asteroid Base is a Toronto-based indie game making studio that formed in 2011 in Toronto’s game jam scene. To date we have released one game, Shuriken Skies, and are currently working on Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. Drop us a line at

Matt Hammill is an animator and game designer, and creator of the award-winning iOS game Gesundheit!. With a background that stretches from comics and children’s books to TV commercials and short film, he now focuses on bringing his experience to interactive projects. A lover of thrift store musical instruments and a sketchbook addict, Matt lives in Toronto, Canada.

Jamie Tucker enjoys drawing, animating, and making games. He currently lives in Toronto, but he spent his formative years travelling from city to city much like the Littlest Hobo – unlike the Littlest Hobo though, he didn’t help anyone… and also he’s not a dog. His childhood was filled with playing video games at other peoples houses and from that he has always had a love for multiplayer games. He doesn’t ever win, unless he’s playing Blades of Steel.

Adam Winkels is a programmer and recovering physicist who spends most of his day building applications for cellular phones and watching police procedurals.