Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime Screenshot
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime started off at the Toronto Global Game Jam early in 2012. Being veteran jammers, we were invited by Troy Morrissey, who organized the GGJ Toronto space, to take part in the jam and get interviewed for the documentary he and his crew were filming, Game Jam the Documentary. We had a great experience that was filled with ups and downs and a lot of silent typing.

After the event, the folks at were kind enough to include us in their roundup of some of the games created at GGJ2012, based pretty much on this single screenshot. It was the only thing that anyone could see of it, except for the other devs in Toronto who were at the event.

Old Screenshot
Screenshot from final TGGJ build

The game was playable, but had some bugs. At the time we were worried of showing too much because it was still rough and we knew there was a lot we could improve upon both visually as well as gameplay-wise. So as jam games often go, we took a break from it and planned what we should do next.