Ahh, where to begin? We’ve been back from GDC for a month, and I wanted to post something while it’s still medium-fresh, but there’s just so much. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booths to play Lovers and chat, and high fives to our pals at the hostel (a.k.a. secret Canadian indie headquarters) who traded playtests and beers and advised us about parties and Beauty and the Beast singalong screenings. What a week.



We had two booths on the show floor, one in the IGF pavilion, and one at Unity‘s booth. Our plan was for two of us to man the booths while a rotating third would take in some talks, but we had forgotten how humans need to intake food and output waste so we ended up just covering for each other the whole time. We’ll need to do a GDC Vault day to watch everything we missed. We did get to see a couple of indie summit talks before the show floor opened though, and the FTL and Kentucky Route Zero postmortems were great. Fascinating to see how much FTL had changed from the prototype, and also how many placeholder graphics just never got replaced before launch and are still in there–I love that stuff.

By the second night we’d also learned an important lesson about air circulation, and how cramming too many nerds in a tiny bunkbed room is not necessarily as odourless as we may have implied in our trailer.


But I’m forgetting the whole reason we were there–we were nominated for an IGF award! That’s us onscreen there for Excellence In Visual Art. It ended up going to Kentucky Route Zero, but that was okay because KRZ is gorgeous and we still got to keep our free drinks.


And finally, here’s a roundup of all the kindly journalists who took the time to talk with us about Lovers:

  • Chris Plante & Russ Frushtick in a great Good Cop, Bad Cop for Polygon (also Spaceteam and Samurai Gunn!)
  • Olly Quinn plays a round with Adam for VG247
  • Jessica Conditt writes about it for Joystiq
  • Press Pause Radio’s Best of the IGF
  • Evan Campbell interviews Jamie for the Indestructible Art podcast (also Super TIME Force, KRZ, and Knights of Pen & Paper!)
  • And lastly, Gamasutra’s Road to the IGF interview on how this all got started in the first place.