PAX East. Wow!

It was probably the most successful show that we have done to date. By our numbers we had around five hundred play-throughs of the game, meaning almost a thousand people got to try it out while many more thousands watched.

The whole weekend was a roller coaster of emotions, starting from Thursday when we arrived in Boston and found out that our hotel gave away our reservation on us. We spent our set-up contemplating staying overnight in our booth, but thankfully after an out-pouring of love & support from Twitter we were able to secure a room in Cambridge.

On Friday night, we headed over to the Joyful Bewilderment Party put on by Rogue Ruckus and Big Sushi. We had a great night of showing off Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime along with other great games, like Please Don’t, Spacedog!, Sportsfriends, and an amazing setup of Killer Queen.

We would like to thank everyone that helped us out with PAX East: Kelly, Chris, Eric, Ryan and all the helpers at the Indie MEGABOOTH; the ever-present and ever-helpful PAX Enforcers; Intel, Alienware/Dell, Creative Technology for sponsoring the TVs, Computers, and Speakers; The Behemoth for being The Behemoth; OMDC for providing us with the Export Fund travel grant; Fire Hose Games for letting us ship them stuff; Dawn and Ben for giving us peace of mind; the press; and last but not least all the people who played the game over weekend, you are why we make games.


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