Since starting on Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime we’ve kinda been measuring time in Valentine’s Days, and with another one about to roll past it’s time to take stock and show you guys where we’re at. It’s been a while since the last update. February also marks one year since we started working full-time on the game, so there’d better be some major progress!

Current weather in Toronto

The winter has given us some solid time to focus on production, with no upcoming shows to worry about, things are coming together. The later levels are falling into place, our weapon upgrades and ship variants are almost done, the last bosses are getting tweaked and our final UI is underway. Ryan Henwood at Deep Roots Sound is constantly blowing us away with his music and sound design, and Emily Tu of Tung has been a huge help with designing UI. There is still much to do, but we can start to see a hazy finished game on the distant horizon (a horizon with no ETA yet–sorry guys!).

We’ve been running a private alpha test (want in? We do draws from our mailing list) as well as doing playtesting sessions with our friends at The Research Centaur. For so many years now we’ve been demoing the game as a brief 15-minute experience, and it’s so gratifying to see people engaged for play sessions lasting hours. There’s tons to learn from the feedback, but the overall positive response has been really energizing. Thanks, testers.


Valentine’s Day also means that we’re heading back into convention season. This weekend Lovers will be at IndieCade East at the Museum of the Moving image as part of their Love & Rejection show. We’re also gearing up for PAX East in Boston, where we’ll be demoing some new areas, as well as our new weapon upgrade system (*cough* Gunstar Heroes *cough cough*). We’ll have more info on this soon–hope we can see you there. And as always Lovers is playable at the EMP Museum in Seattle in their Indie Game Revolution exhibition.

Cetus Constellation
The constellation Cetus